In 2011
Company established in June
Business license issued in June
Organization Code Certificate in June
Tax Registration Certificate issued by the State Taxation Bureau in June
300000 State Grid fee cards were awarded in October
In 2012
The products of USC are tested by the IC card quality control department in March
ISO9001 Certificate issued in May
ISO14001 Certificate issued in May
300000 bus cards were bid successfully in October
The State Bureau of quality Supervision issued a production license in November
In 2013
Products passed the "Ministry of Urban-Rural Development Inspection report" in March
The first million CPU cards were formally involved in the medical industry in July
In 2014
R & D team was established in February in February
Tao Xixian (Master, Senior engineer),the leader, is committed to the research of PCB board, active cold pressing process, NFC PCB security and so on in March
Investment in development of shield card and active card, Bluetooth card technology in March
Awarded IC Certificate in March
In 2015
Awarded patent certificate in April
Won the computer software copyright registration certificate in April
In 2016
In April, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission 2016 project funding enterprises
In June, USC became a member of Shenzhen Lianwan Intelligent Technology Application Association.
Won the title of National High-tech Enterprise in December
In 2017
Electronic price tag developed independently in April, successfully entered the market, the first order is 1000.
The iBeacon card, launched in September, successfully entered the European and American markets, with the first batch of orders
In 2018
In April, a subsidiary, "Shenzhen United Agent Technology Co., Ltd." was set up.
In May, USC again passed the recognition of high-level technical talents
USC and Colleges sign Science and Technology Innovation Strategy Association in June
In 2019
Union smart Trade Union was officially established.
Became a director of Shenzhen IoT Industry Association.
Obtained a total of 11 patents and 17 software copyrights.
Selected as "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization" in Longtian Street, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen.
The mascot "United Boy" was born.
In 2021
10th Anniversary Celebration Keep moving forward and never stop!
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