ABS Anti-metal Label丨Thermostability Anti-metal Label丨Anti-metal Label丨Label
ABS anti-metal labels are made of high temperature resistant industrial ABS plastic, metal shielding material, epoxy resin can sealing and ultrasonic welding. It has the characteristics of sun protection, waterproof and high temperature resistance, and is
Product information
ABS Anti-metal Label丨Thermostability Anti-metal Label Structure Diagram

ABS Anti-metal Label丨Thermostability Anti-metal Label  Technical Parameters
Data storage: ≥10 years 
Erasure times: ≥100,000 times
Working temperature: -20℃- 75℃(humidity 20%~90%) 
Storage temperature: -40-70℃(humidity 20%~90%)
Working frequency: 860-960MHz 
Antenna size: Customized
Protocol: ISO18000-6C
Working mode: Passive
Surface material: Chrome paper、PVC、PET
Encapsulation technology: Reverse welding+compound
Reading distance: 8m
Packaging material: ABS+Inlay
Chips: lmpinj(M4、M4E、MR6、M5),Alien(H3、H4)

ABS Anti-metal Label丨Thermostability Anti-metal Label Applications

Vehicle management, athletes' performance management, asset management, file management, drug management, jewelry management, retail management, power asset management, enterprise asset management, equipment management, hazardous materials management, field management, pallet management in logistics, asset tracking , metal shelf management, cylinder tracking, traffic control, logistics management, dangerous goods management.

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