Heat Sensitive Label丨RFID Label
Heat sensitive label is made of a high-heat-sensitive coating paper and Inlay packaged with an RFID tag. Heat sensitive label has the advantages of three-proof (anti-dirty, waterproof, and oil-proof). Widely used in electronics, medicine, food, toys
Product information
Heat Sensitive Label丨RFID Label Structure Diagram

Heat Sensitive Label丨RFID Label Technical Parameters
Data storage: ≥10 years 
Erasure times: ≥100,000 times
Working temperature: -20℃- 75℃(humidity 20%~90%)
Storage temperature: -40-70℃(humidity 20%~90%)
Working frequency: 860-960MHz 、13.56MHz
Antenna size: Customized
Protocol: IS014443A/ISO15693ISO/IEC 18000-6C EPC Class1 Gen2
Working mode: Passive
Surface material: Heat Sensitive Paper
Encapsulation technology: Reverse welding+compound
Reading distance: 8m
Packaging material: Heat Sensitive Paper+chrome paper+ Inlay+Non-base double-sided adhesive paper
Chips: lmpinj(M4、M4E、MR6、M5),Alien(H3、H4)、S50、FM1108、ult series、/I-code series、Ntag series
Process individuation: Chip internal code,Write data.
Printing process: Four color printing, Spot color printing, Digital printing

Heat Sensitive Label丨RFID Label Applications:

Electronics, medicine, food, toys, etc.

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