Customized Efficient NFC Anti-counterfeit Tag - One-touch verification quickly distinguishing
Product information
Customized Efficient NFC Anti-counterfeit Tag - One-touch verification quickly distinguishing authenticity - NFC tap and QR code scan

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is highly suitable for anti-counterfeit traceability, with minimal possibility of forgery, easy identification, and large storage capacity for storing extensive records. 

NFC anti-counterfeiting labels are a near-perfect solution for combating counterfeit products and ensuring product authenticity. These labels utilize NFC technology to provide real-time verification and traceability throughout the supply chain. By simply tapping the NFC label with a smartphone, consumers and businesses can instantly verify the authenticity of a product, ensuring they are purchasing genuine items. These labels also enable seamless tracking and tracing of products, allowing companies to monitor their supply chain and detect any unauthorized distribution or tampering. With NFC anti-counterfeiting and traceability labels, businesses can protect their brand reputation, maintain consumer trust, and retain a competitive edge in the market.

Each RFID tag's chip contains unique information, which is transmitted through electromagnetic waves. The information can be easily read and verified using a smartphone. Additionally, through special techniques, NFC anti-counterfeit traceability tags can be designed to be damaged upon removal, effectively preventing counterfeiting. As the chip of each NFC tag contains unique information and a special encryption algorithm, so there is no need to worry the tag would be counterfeited.

About sustainable:
1. Antenna selection:
1.1. The antenna base material is made of environmentally friendly, degradable and recyclable materials;
1.2. Antenna production process: non-aluminum etching, using printing, laser or hot stamping antenna production, the production process is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, plastic-free, truly Green.

2. Surface material: Use environmentally friendly materials (no relevant hazardous substances), degradable materials, and renewable materials as fabrics.

3. The electronic label composite glue adopts environmentally friendly composite glue.

We offer a range of sustainable materials, including TESLIN, PLA, PVC, RPVC, PET, PETG and so on, as the label production materials, in order to support and promote environmental protection. These materials are known for their eco-friendly properties and can significantly reduce the impact on the environment compared to traditional cover materials. They are often biodegradable, recyclable, or have a reduced carbon footprint, which makes them excellent choices for promoting sustainability. With our NFC Anti-counterfeit Tag, users can effortlessly achieve real-time anti-counterfeiting and Tracing the traceability, and promote environmental sustainability at the same time.

Using method:
The NFC anti-counterfeiting labels are affixed or integrated onto the product during the manufacturing process. To verify the authenticity of the product, individuals can use their smartphones or other NFC tag reading devices to tap on the NFC detection area on the product. The product information will then be displayed on their mobile devices.

Product advantage:
1.These tags enable effective product traceability throughout the supply chain. Each tag is uniquely encoded with information such as manufacturing date, batch number, and origin, allowing manufacturers, distributors, and consumers to track the product's journey from production to consumption. This enhances transparency, quality control, and accountability.

2. NFC Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability Tags provide a reliable solution for verifying the authenticity of products. By scanning the tags with a smartphone or NFC-enabled device, consumers can instantly verify if a product is genuine or counterfeit, helping them make informed purchasing decisions and protect themselves from fraudulent products.

3. NFC Anti-counterfeiting and Traceability Tags are equipped with tamper-proof technology. Any attempt to remove or alter the tag will result in irreversible damage.

Technical specifications:
Material TESLIN, PLA, PVC, RPVC, PET, PETG, PBAT, or customized
Physical dimension Coin size, or customized Antenna size Ø12.7MM, or customized
Applications Liquor anti-counterfeit,
Luxury goods anti-counterfeit,
Jewelry anti-counterfeit,
Clothing anti-counterfeit,
Food security and Traceability,
Medical anti-counterfeit,
Newborn identification,
Artworks Anti-counterfeit,
Cigarette anti-counterfeit...
Chip NTAG213、NTAG215、NTAG216、S50、F08、ultralight、ultralightEv1、FM11RF08、Mifare1 S50、Mifare1 S70、NTAG203、I-CODE2、TI20485、SR1512
Protocol IS014443A/ISO15693ISO/IEC 18000-6C EPC Class1 Gen2 Product color Customized
User memory customized Data storage 10 years
Read/Write distance 30MM-100MM rewrite times 100,000 times
Installation method affix or integrate into the product Working frequency 13.56 mHz
Personalized customization LED light can be added to the label; the label pattern can be customized
About Union Smart
Union Smart is currently one of the few national high-tech enterprises with independent research and development capabilities in China. As a company integrating production and sales, our company and factory encompass a total area of 10,000 square meters and we have 13 years of experience in manufacturing and selling smart cards and labels. The main products include RFID cards, NFC cards, Sustainable Eco-friendly cards, RFID Tags, Bluetooth iBeacon card, Fingerprint chip card, Eink Tags, Visual Cold Wallet Payment card, RFID Blocking card With an annual output of over 100 million cards, we are in a leading position in the domestic card manufacturing industry.
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