M4E Wet Inlay丨860-960MHz UHF Wet Inlay
M4E Inlay is die-cutting from lmpinj M4 dry Inlay coated with a layer of adhesive. Besides thickness, M4 wet Inlay also has its own die-cutting size. Wet Inlay size: 0.15±0.04mm. M4 Inlay is capable of reading multiple tags at one time, strong penetrabili
Product information
M4E Inlay丨M4E Wet Inlay Structure Diagram

M4E Inlay丨M4E Wet Inlay Technical Parameters
Data storage: ≥10 years 
Erasure times: ≥100,000 times
Working temperature: -20℃- 75℃(Humidity20%~90%) 
Storage temperature: -40-70℃(Humidity20%~90%)
Working frequency: 860-960MHz  
Antenna size: Customized
Protocol: ISO18000-6C
Surface material: Chrome paper、PVC、PET
Encapsulation technology: Reverse welding+compound
Packaging material: lmpinj M4E Dry Inlay+Non-base double-sided adhesive+Release paper
Reading distance : 0.2-8M
Chips: lmpinj M4E
Process individuation: Chip internal code,Write data.
Packaging : Electrostatic bag packaging, single row 2000 sheets / roll, 6 rolls / box

M4E Inlay丨M4E Wet Inlay Applications

New retail, asset management, commodity retail, product management, home and school entrance and exit channels, application of library management system, enterprise park, shaft construction site, civil blast enterprise personnel attendance, consumables anti-counterfeiting application, tooling washing management application, large conference personnel channel system , management system of fixed assets, management and application of medical logistics system, management of intelligent shelves, management of jewelry inventory

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